Biochemistry classes by Dr. V.S. Kumar at Kings

Biochemistry classes by Dr. V.S. Kumar at Kings

Biochemistry classes by Dr. V.S. Kumar at Kings

  Kings International Medical Academy is renowned as a leading coaching centre for FMGE, with a proven track record of exceptional results. Our outstanding achievements in FMGE stand as indisputable evidence of our excellence. We are honoured to have Dr. V.S. Kumar, a highly esteemed faculty member, deliver an enthralling lecture on Biochemistry at Kings International Medical Academy. Driven by their enthusiasm, our students are engrossed by his captivating insights. Today, let's explore the subject of Lipids in depth.


  • Heterogeneous group of compounds
  • Not soluble in H₂O but are soluble in non-polar organic solvents like ether, chloroform, etc.

  • Classification:

    (Bloor’s classification)

    1. Simple lipids
    2. Complex lipids
    3. Derived lipids
    4. Miscellaneous lipids

    Simple lipids

    Esters of FA + glycerol

  • Fats 4 oils (FA + glycerol)
  • Waxes- FA + Alc. (other than glycerol)
      Example: Bee wax, Lanolin

  • Complex lipids

    FA + AIC (glycerol/sphingosine)
    + Additional group (NB + Po4⁻)

  • Phospholipids
  • Glycolipids
  • Amino lipids, Sulpho lipids, Lipo proteins

  • Phospholipids

    FA + AIC (G/s) + Po4⁻ + NB
    Glycero- PL (Simplest, Phosphatidic acid)
    Sphingo- PL

    PA → G-PL

  • Nitro- B⁺
  • Nitro- B⁻

  • Nitro- B⁺

    1. Lecithin
    2. Cephalin
    3. Phosphatidyl Serine

    Nitro- B⁻

    1. P.inositol
    2. P.glycerol
    3. Di-P glycerol/ Cardiolipin

    Sphingo-PL – (FA + S + Po4⁻ + NB)


    Neutral- Cerebrosides- Ceramide + mono
      -Globosides- Ceramide + oligo
    Acidic- gangliosides- Ceramide + oligo + NANA (cialic)

    Biochemistry classes by Dr. V.S. Kumar at Kings

    Derived Lipids

    FA, Cholesterol, Glycerol

    Miscellaneous lipids

    Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Carotenoids, Squalene, Lanosterol