FMGE 2023 Obstetrics and Gynecolog

FMGE 2023 Obstetrics and Gynecolog

FMGE 2023 Obstetrics and Gynecolog

 Kings International Medical Academy provides coaching for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), which is an essential exam for international medical graduates seeking to practice medicine in India. The FMGE is a qualifying examination that evaluates the medical knowledge and skills of international medical graduates.

 The academy provides comprehensive coaching for the FMGE, covering all the essential subjects and topics required for the exam. The coaching program is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus and scoring system. The faculty at Kings International Medical Academy are highly experienced and well-versed in teaching FMGE aspirants.

 Dr. Vidhya, one of our esteemed faculty members at Kings International Medical Academy, taught Obstetrics and Gynecology classes, providing our students with extensive knowledge in the subject. Today, we will explore the subject of Vulval Cancer and expand our knowledge on this topic.

             Vulval Cancer

Age: 70 yrs Lichensclerosis >> HPV 16>18

Asso c: Lichensclerosis - KERATINIZING/SIMPLEX VIN

MCS: Labia MAJORA > clitoris > minora > perineal skin

MC/Early Sx: ITCHING (PRURITUS)--> non-healing ulcer -> foul smelling discharge + bleeding + pain

Premalignant - VIN- vulval intraepithelial neoplasia
I Localized to VULVA
IA <1mm deep, <2cm wide Wide local excision
IB >1mm deep, >2cm wide Radical vulvectomy From midline: LN <1cm - Bilateral >1cm - ipsilateral
II Lower 1/3rd (vagina, urethra, anus)
III Superficial inguinal nodes (mobile, non ulcerated) III, IV - Inoperable / Chemo-Rad

*Premalignant --> malignant: 20-30yrs
IV Fixed, ulcerated
IVA Upper 2/3rd of urethra, vagina, anus r fixed ulcerated inguinal nodes
IVB Distant metastasis